• Pallabi Bose

Lucifer Could Be Having A Devilish Christmas Or So We Feel With Season 5B News

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Lucifer season 5B will return on Netflix eight episodes sooner than you realize. Tom Ellis is here with an important update.

After the long interval, billions of fans all over the world are waiting to see their favourite devil return in action. Lucifer has finally arrived on Netflix. The fifth installment of Lucifer hit Netflix on August 21 and has already blown up a storm.

Not only has it become the biggest weekend debut TV series on Netflix, but also broken long-standing records of The Umbrella Academy being on top. Much to fans' surprise, Lucifer season 5 has been split into two halves with part 1 having 8 episodes. According to sources, the production of part 2 is underway.

A bun the road called Covid

Tom Ellis’ own confession to Da Man magazine recently was, "We still have 60 per cent of season five left to shoot. We were agonizingly close to wrapping up, but the lockdown beat us." Yes, in March 2020 when sh*t hit the fan when the pandemic broke out, and team Lucifer had to put brakes on production like all other TV shows and movies. However, that didn’t stop fans from speculating about the possible release date. With the demand so high, show-runner Iidy Modrovich and the streaming giant naturally had to pacify fans with whatever content was prepared.

Modrovich, meanwhile, told Collider that they still have "a little more than half of the final episode left" to shoot, which is expected to be completed in the coming months. “I think the part two will come out as soon as we finish shooting it,” she said.

Tom Ellis’ major hint

Christmas is going to get hot. Chances are that season 5B of Lucifer might come then. Yes, while promoting the current season, Tom Ellis told Pilot TV podcast, “The second eight episodes, I'm not sure when they're going to drop because we've still got the finale to wrap up.” “Hopefully that'll be ready, I would imagine, by Christmas or early next year,” he added. Here you go, folks! However, soon after this interview, Ellis was advised against campaigning about the renewal by his team. At least, we can still hope.

What Lucifer season 5B might be about?

A Family Drama

(Spoilers Ahead!)

Lucifer season 5A ended with all the angel brothers: Lucifer, his twin Michael, and Amenadiel butting heads, with open wings, and God appearing to stop his kids. It is the first time that God, played by Dennis Haysbert and voiced by Neil Gaiman, descended from the Silver City. Therefore, season 5B is likely to be a family reunion.

According to creator Joe Henderson, season 5B will reveal a much-awaited family dynamic. As reported by Digital Spy, Henderson said, “This is a family story. Dad's home and he's not happy with what his kids have been up to. We will mostly explore that aspect in 5B – the family relationship and the emotional aspect of it.” He added, “I feel 5A started out in a little darker tone. But, 5B will be both brighter and darker. It is always the darkest before dawn.”

The Devil to finally tie the knot?

Now that Lucifer and Chloe are finally a thing, would there be wedding bells? When Tom Ellis was asked if his character would tie the knot, he told Collider, “Who knows? Could the Devil get married? Perhaps, in the presence of God? We'll see about that.”

Well, that can be an interesting twist in the story, what do you guys think? Does Chloe wed Lucifer?