• Pallabi Bose

The Future is Here! Digital Marketing: Edition 2020

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

A glimpse into new way of marketing

In today’s world, there’s only one thing that is true: ‘If it trends, it sells.’ That is why the importance of Digital Marketing has increased than ever before. Unlike other conventional marketing, if you do not stay on top of every search engine result, if your product doesn’t trend, you might fall behind. That happens if your Digital Marketing strategies are somewhere lacking. Since it is a relatively new concept and is ever-evolving, we have brought you what’s latest in this field in 2020. So, without further ADO, let’s get started.

Social Commerce or Instagram posts that let to shop

Social networking sites and social media were invented so people and businesses could connect with each other, showcase, and advertise their products and services. But that’s where their usefulness was limited. There’s was no way to actually increase your sales from social networks. That ended when Instagram came up with a new way of shopping and advertising in 2020 – Shoppable Posts. It makes perfect sense. It reduces the time of people searching for the correct product they wanted to buy on the internet. Shopping literally became just a tap away.

Image search using Google Lens

This is a breakthrough in itself. Search for a product, or object, or a landmark simply by taking its photo using the Google Lens app and it will immediately show you the required result. You can find similar products available online for apparel and home goods, save a phone number by clicking a photo of a business card, get a summary, review and online source to buy a book from the picture of its cover, add an event to your calendar by clicking a photo of a banner or flyer, find information on something that you have seen before and many more. The possibilities are endless.

Vlogging and Influencer Marketing

They say a picture is equal to 1000 words. Social media has proved it right. How? By inventing Vlogging. Yes, video blogging. Today, if you open apps like YouTube and TikTok, you will find thousands and millions of vloggers and social media influencers. They are approached by companies to sponsor their videos in exchange for a shout out or talk about their brand.

Google Gallery Ads

Still stuck at Google’s basic ads? Digital Marketers, wake up. You all are still living under the rock if you haven’t even heard of Google Gallery Ads. Similar to Facebook’s Carousel Ads, these ads are interactive ads that sit on top of your mobile SERP. There’s a reason why it actually was invented. According to some research, a human brain can process images 60000 times faster than words and can leave an impression in the mind within 50 milliseconds of seeing it. Now, don’t you think it is reason enough to shift to Gallery Ads from the conventional text ads?

Artificial Intelligence and First-Party Data

Companies fast understand the importance of first-party data, which basically is collecting information about their audience directly from their audience by using the company website’s daily views, CRM, Social Media visits, and survey. But that gets daunting if they have to employ an army of employees. That’s where Artificial Intelligence comes handy – to shift to data sets, identify critical data and trends at an unmatched speed.

These changes are just the beginning of advancements in Digital Marketing. There’s a lot more to come. Stay tuned and don’t miss out on new trends. Remember, If it trends, it sells.