• Pallabi Bose

Lorelei and Rory Are Set To Return In Supernatural Seasons 16 - Gilmore Girls Epic Crossover

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Gilmore Girls and Supernatural belong to completely different genres, which is what makes this crossover idea so much more fun. Sam and Dean will cross paths with the people at Stars Hollow. Excited to know more? Scroll down!

Does your all-time favorite TV shows include ‘Gilmore Girls’? Are you too disappointed about the abrupt ending to the story of Lorelei and Rory? Has ‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’ left you with more questions than answers? If your answer to all of these questions is “Yes”, then this new crossover theory between ‘Gilmore Girls’ and ‘Supernatural’ might excite you. Sounds crazy? Well, if you think about it, it’s not that crazy (or, is it?). Here’s how!

Jared Padalecki: The common link

‘Gilmore Girls’ and ‘Supernatural’ are poles apart. While ‘Gilmore Girls’ tickles us with comedy and romance, and warms us up, ‘Supernatural’ grips us with a dark, thriller plot and has us on the edge of our seats. The former explores a mother-daughter relationship, while the latter explores the relationship between brothers.

Even though peddling in different genres altogether, the show does have a common string. That string is Jared Padalecki. Padalecki plays Sam Winchester in ‘Supernatural’, and Dean Forester in ‘Gilmore Girls’. This is the common ground that will allow for the crossover between these two completely opposite shows. Let’s explore the crazy ideas now!

Will Dean and Rory reunite?

‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’ left everyone with a major cliff hanger. Rory revealed the news of her pregnancy to her mother, without divulging into any detail about the father’s identity.

According to Bustle, the crossover might happen when Sam Winchester is still plagued with strange dreams because of Azazel. For instance, he dreamt about having another life, in a small town, with his true love. But he can’t remember the name or the identity of his lover. Later, Sam and Dean leave for a new case in Hartford but, on the way, Dean’s Chevrolet Impala experiences issues, so they take a detour to Stars Hollow.

While the car is getting a fix, the brothers go to a diner for some coffee. This is when Sam runs into Rory Gilmore. She calls for her ex-boyfriend Dean Forester, but Dean Winchester responds instead. That’s when Dean realizes that Rory is looking at his brother Sam, anxiously asking him about his whereabouts. Sam finally realizes that it was not a dream after all. He has a whole past life that he doesn’t remember.

Dean Forester: The doppelgänger shapeshifter

In this theory by Bustle, Sam and Dean Winchester arrive in Stars Hollow to investigate a shapeshifter. Upon arrival, Sam comes face to face with Dean Forester, who he believes is his doppelganger. By now, Dean and Rory Gilmore have broken up for the second time. Sam believes that Dean is the shapeshifter that they have been looking for.

The aftermath of “It’s a Terrible Life”

According to this idea by Bustle, something happens to Sam and Dean, similar to what happened in season 4 in the episode titled “It’s a Terrible Life”. The duo (Sam and Dean) goes to Stars Hollow for an investigation.

On arrival, they experience something weird. Everyone keeps calling Sam by Dean’s name and believes him to be Rory’s ex. Meanwhile, Sam’s brother Dean starts flirting with Lorelei and gets almost beaten up by Luke. Soon, the Winchester brothers realize that this is a work of a supernatural being, who has given false memories to everyone in Stars Hollow.

Is there any chance of ‘Gilmore Girls 2’ happening any time soon?

Speculations about Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life coming back with season 2 had been keeping fans hooked ever since showrunner Amy Sherman-Palladino expressed her interest in doing a follow-up in a podcast interview with “The Hollywood Reporter”. However, that has come to a halt when Sherman-Palladino told TVLine, “I don’t rule out in my life. When people were speculating about a Gilmore movie [after the original series ended], I wasn’t going to say no. Because… why say no to anything?”

Meanwhile, according to a report by Popxo, Amazon’s co-head of television, Vernon Sanders commented on the idea of the revival of ‘Gilmore Girls’ saying, “We are talking to Amy and Dan about a lot of things. However, (another ‘Gilmore Girls’ revival) hasn't come up in the discussion yet. If that show is to come back once again, we would be happy to see it happen”, he said.

Although we can’t say anything concrete about whether Lorelei and Rory will be back, let’s keep our fingers crossed for another revival and an epic crossover. What do you think about the possibility of the crossover? Let us know in the comments section below.